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Narrative Dramatic Feature Film

Written / Directed / Produced / Starring Victoria Negri

Starring Oscar Nominated actor Robert Vaughn in his last role 

Produced by Katie Maguire, Ellyn Vander Wyden, Effie Fradelakis


Recipient of Big Vision Empty Wallet's Diversity Initiative

88% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Logline: Vicki, a music school dropout struggles to make sense of her aimless life while caring for her dying 90 year old father.


Released Theatrically and Currently on VOD


Upcoming Thriller Feature Film

Executive Producers: David Lowery, James Johnson, Toby Halbrooks of Sailor Bear, Jon Read and Allison Carter of Savage Rose Films

Starring; Samara Weaving

Filming Dates TBD

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Mermaid Bitch FINAL Poster.jpg


Narrative Comedic Short Film

Written / Directed / Produced by Victoria

Co-Written / Produced by Alexi Pappas

Starring Alexi Pappas & Ruby McCollister

Produced by Iris Torres & Christina Campagnola 

Logline: "A codependent friendship is challenged when one of the women suddenly transforms into a mermaid."

Currently on the Festival Circuit


Documentary Short Film

Directed by Victoria Negri


Logline: Follow ultrarunner Lucie Beatrix on her personal journey from fashion model to endurance athlete, as she confronts addiction and her father's passing.

Released via Ultrarunning Magazine

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